After 40 years of experience, we work with the most professional people in order to cover all the aspects of what a yacht needs nowadays. We have cooperated with specialists all around the world, we have good relations and we can influence people towards Owners requirements and according to the international laws and statutory.
Our worldwide partnerships endow us with the power to support the Owners by controlling the following areas:

  1. Technical back-up and support
    • Berthing
    • Bunkering
    • Dry docking
    • Customs clearance
    • Crew support and assistance
  2. Security - Insurance 
    • Hire security for the safety of your travel
    • Insurance
    • Emergency and Medical support
  3. Itinerary Planning
    • Guided excursions & cultural activities
    • Visa and passport facilities
    • Hotel and Restaurant reservations
  4. Transits
    • Aircraft and helicopter charter
    • Airline, hydrofoil and ferry tickets
    • Car Rental
    • Minibus and taxi transfer
  5. Supplies - Provisioning
    • Worldwide petty cash transfer
    • Handling of inward freight for yachts

Melitas Marine

Wilsonos 25, 18534 Kastella Piraeus, GREECE

Tel.: + 30 210 411811-0

Fax.: + 30 210 411811-1