ISO9001 Certification

Quality Policy

It is the Company’s Vision and Policy to provide all Customers with services which meet with and indeed exceed, through continual improvement and innovation, their needs and expectations and to achieve the required management standards, with particular emphasis placed upon marine safety, safe working practices, and the protection of the environment. This involves the active participation, endeavor and ideas of all personnel providing high quality services on PLEASURE YACHTS.

The Company objectives are:

• To invite the active participation of all personnel, towards sound business management.
• To prevent avoidable problems, because of which Customers may find themselves in an irregular or otherwise difficult situation.
• To improve the skills of all personnel through training.
• To keep Company’s records high.

In order to effectively implement its Policy, the Company is committed to:
• Follow and adheres to all applicable national and international rules and regulations and takes into account guidelines, standards, codes and publications which are issued by maritime organizations.
• Continually improve its management system by investigating and analyzing problems, and by taking corrective and preventive action as appropriate.
• Ensure that quality, safety and protection of the environment are an integral part of any process.

The Company’s Management is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the Policy at regular intervals in order to ensure that it is pertinent, efficient, and consistent with other policies of the Company.
All Company personnel are expected to abide by this Policy