Owning and maintaining a luxury yacht has become a serious business requiring highly skilled experts who can understand the rapidly changing administrative, regulatory and technical standards. With years' experience in the field of Yacht Management, we deliver better services at lower costs that even the most experienced yacht owner could never hope to achieve, thus relieving him and his crew of the demanding tasks placed upon them. We can handle all technical and administrative procedures so that you can enjoy the voyage with family and friends, undistracted by any concern. You can trust Melitas Marine to maintain the value of your asset and allow you time to relax and enjoy all the benefits of owning a superyacht.

Melitas Marine works closely with the Captain and the crew in order to ensure safety and high quality service for the customer. More specifically, we find the right crew for your yacht, train and guide them to ensure they deliver as promised. We provide comprehensive maintenance services, check spare spart availability and supply them as needed, combining high quality and the lowest possible prices. We also undertake Annual Maintenance Contracts.

From the yacht owner’s perspective, chartering is a great opportunity to generate revenue that will offset some of the running costs. To this end we advise private owners to keep their yachts in Greece where 4,500 islands and low running cost are ideal for a lucrative yacht charter business, thereby turning ownership into a fully-fledged income-producing investment We also provide a full management income-tax-free service for yachts placed with us for charter sailing.

Our comprehensive services include:

  1. Financial and Accounting Management
  2. Technical Management
    • Maintenance
    • Spare part supply
    • Electronics
    • Electrics
    • Engineering
    • GRP works
    • Plumbing
    • Carpeting
    • Annual services
    • Repairs
  3. Certification and Documentation
  4. Crew Management
  5. Operational Support

Melitas Marine

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